What we do

artvocati is a law firm in Hannover, Germany, specialising in family law, inheritance law and medical law.

The work of our attorneys particularly focuses on:

  • the law pertaining to medical liability claims
  • company law for the healing profession
  • the law relating to marriage contracts and long-term relationship / registered partnership contracts
  • separation and divorce law
  • inheritance law

Medical law and medical liability claims

Dr. iur. Marko Oldenburger is responsible at artvocati for personally supporting doctors in private practice, senior consultants and other members of the healing professions and health services with the following services:

  • providing advice,
  • representation with respect to public authorities, natural and legal persons, corporations, social courts, higher social courts, the Federal Social Court, district courts, regional courts, regional appeal courts, the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice.

Dr. Oldenburger also

  • assesses the chances of success for approval proceedings, lawsuits, objection proceedings, appeals and complaints proceedings and represents you in such proceedings,
  • drafts and adjusts contracts in line with changed factual or legal conditions (e.g. medical corporation agreements, attending doctors’ contracts, fee-based physician contracts, senior consultant contracts).

Family law and inheritance law

In the entire area of family law and inheritance law, Dr. iur. Marko Oldenburger provides legal advice to and represent both doctors and also self-employed people, freelancers, entrepreneurs and leading personalities from industry, politics, culture and professional sports.

“There is only one thing worse than injustice, and that is justice without her sword in her hand. When right is not might, it is evil.”
(Oscar Wilde)

Our expertise in
family law and inheritance law

  • Divorce
  • Divorce and separation proceedings of spouses with different nationalities (European divorce law)
  • Annulment of registered partnerships
  • Maintenance and alimonies (also European maintenance law)
  • Accrued gains / property law
  • Property disputes
  • Right of custody (also European right of custody)
  • Right of access (also European right of access)
  • Law of descent / status rights
  • Statutory pensions equalization
  • Marriage contracts
  • Registered partner contracts
  • Separation and divorce settlements
  • International child abductions
  • Division / partition of joint heirs
  • Compulsory portion law, including rights to augmentation of compulsory portions
  • Wills
  • Contracts of inheritance

Our expertise in
medical law for doctors

  • Joining or leaving doctors’ partnerships or corporations (BAG)
  • Foundation and division of doctors’ practices
  • Drafting and adjusting
    • senior consultant contracts
    • attending specialist contracts
    • fee-based doctors’ contracts
  • Prosecution of doctors’ fee claims (GOÄ and GOZÄ – German scale of fees for physicians and dentists)
  • Medical liability claims
  • Countering medical liability claims
  • Supervision of medicinal products and medicine liability claims